Welcome at Nath and Fred´s


After twenty years or so of managing students´schooling, purchases and translations, I have decided (me, Nathalie ! ) to listen to the little music which kept running through my head: " "renovate old buildings ", that is, do what I like, be independent, undertake, while enjoying my family life. I love to pick ideas here and there, leaf through décoration magazines, stroll in DIY shops, observe and examine all kinds of interiors, in short absorb present trends. For me, to Mix styles is essential. So, with my Chewi, we rolled up our sleeves so that our guests might feel at home...


Appart'Hotel in Châteaulin, South Finistère, Brittany, located in the city center and only 15km from the sea and many beautiful beaches of Brittany.

Nath & Fred CHEVALIER, Gwarem Vras, 29150 Dinéaultlike
Tel : +33 (0) 6 86 47 46 99 - Write us